Facial Recognition: Is Privacy Ensured?

With companies owning new and buzzworthy security solution, people are becoming skeptical about how real privacy is. Rest assured, KanduAI’s new AI technology does not infringe on individual privacy but rather ensures the security and safety of every individual that walks by.

Facial Recognition: How Does it Work?

The data source for KanduAI’s face recognition is handled through mobile pinhole or wearable cameras. The video processing unit is done through smartphone CPUs, analyzing the detection of a suspect or newcomer.

What Can it Detect?

KanduAI relies on black and white lists as the algorithms are purposefully programmed to identify phenotypical and physical properties such as gender, age estimation, height, clothing, objects, accessories etc.

RedFalcon's facial recognition solution ensures privacy
KanduAI’s application can capture an image from its surroundings or from any screen, detecting and analyzing people or objects in a fraction of a second.

KanduAI upholds separation of privacy as the solution has no access to personal facts or information of passer-bys. Rather, it retains specific parameters of data for statistical purposes to maintain an exciting and appealing experience for visitors.

No Storage, No Problem

Unlike most data equipped technologies, KanduAI does not depend on any storage or data centers. Instead of keeping any photos, KanduAI’s security intelligence utilizes the vectors of each visual based on its specific coordination. Our AI simply saves the image vectors and connects the data to our black and white lists, therefore not intruding on anyone’s private information stored elsewhere.

By running analytics on the Edge without storage, KanduAI’s AI technology has zero footprint ultimately reducing COGs expense. This non-intrusive software makes privacy regulation compliant by design.

Safety & Suspects Detection Easily Becomes Priority

Along with privacy, safety is a main priority, making it important to always remain cautious and alert. Upon real-time detection, KanduAI’s solution is designed to notify the owner of any predefined suspects immediately. Additionally, the solution is capable of detecting weapons or malicious behavior, such as theft. An instant warning allows the authorities to confront the situation accordingly without disturbing or scaring the public.

Reports can be accessed at any moment entailing blacklists, for suspected criminals, or  whitelist for unrecognized persons. For example, certain sites may permit only a limited amount of people to enter. Secured from the ground up, KanduAI guarantees consistent confidentiality and privacy protection.

Dana Reich-Adam

I am the VP of Marketing at RedFalcon.AI, a startup that brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to all edge devices. Through facial and object recognition on everyday devices, RedFalcon’s analytical application can provide businesses with the data they need to skyrocket their marketing campaigns. For more information on how we can help your business, contact me anytime at dana@redfalcon..ai

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