Going to IMVC

On March 18th, we will be attending the IMVC 2019, Israel’s Machine Learning and Computer Vision Conference. For the past ten years, the Machine Vision Conference has gathered the most prominent groups in the Artificial Intelligence industry. The event will take place in Tel-Aviv.

The one day conference gathers Academics, R&D professionals, key stakeholders of enterprises, and promising startups. The conference features parallel tracks on Deep Vision, AI, Mobility, and Augmented and Virtual Reality. These parallel tracks will allow researchers and engineers from the academy and industry, as well as leading companies, to present their own work.

KanduAI is pleased to present its technology and how it can drastically improve the performances in the following fields: Digital Signage,Retail, Security, and more. Dana Reich Adam (VP Marketing) will be presenting 3 apps developed by KanduAI at their booth and will showcase how KanduAI’s technology can be used in real life.

The technologies presented in these apps include:

    1. Face recognition: an app meant to recognize suspects according to a blacklist
    1. Object recognition: an app dedicated to recognizing and differentiating between products.
  1. People identification: an app comparing two pictures and determining whether it is the same person or not.
Dana Reich-Adam

I am the VP of Marketing at RedFalcon.AI, a startup that brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to all edge devices. Through facial and object recognition on everyday devices, RedFalcon’s analytical application can provide businesses with the data they need to skyrocket their marketing campaigns. For more information on how we can help your business, contact me anytime at dana@redfalcon..ai

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