How Facial and Object Recognition is Changing the Game for Offline Advertising

Many believe social media and online networking have seized the realm for a perfect shopping experience. Reality is, offline advertising is about to get a lot more engaging and more effective than any online connectivity-dependent source.

What is Offline Advertising & Facial/Object Recognition Advertising ?

Offline advertising is a traditional and classic marketing technique that companies have been utilizing for decades, attracting widespread recognition for their products and services. Campaigns range from informational radio broadcasts and entertaining television ads, to large and captivating digital billboards on the side of the highway.

The trick that will ultimately revolutionize such an industry is the complex yet fascinating processes of facial and object recognition done by yours truly, Artificial Intelligence.

The extensive amounts of data retained by facial and object recognition will improve the performance of advertisements by catering to your business in the most favorable way. Through incorporating Artificial Intelligence, companies can retract, compare, arrange, and categorize significant statistics that grasp instant information in unparalleled quantities. These large arrays of information are crucial in Marketing as they cluster a business’ audience.

Consider a large supermarket chain with branches located all over a country, or even spread in different districts of the same city.  How can they track and understand their consumer’s behavior and their preferences? Data pertaining to when a product is purchased and how much time it took for a client to make a purchasing decision can be extremely valuable.

The profound, comprehensive technology of facial and object recognition can be applied to accurately classify and appeal to your market since the technology examines unique behaviors and reactive emotions through attention time, facial gestures, and body positions.

Boost Business-Consumer Connections

Businesses will be capable of knowing how many people see their ad every day, what time in the day is most popular, what day of the week is busiest, and which location represents the most popularity. This will ensure proper customer service and guidance is in place when customers need it most.

As businesses notice the distinct patterns of how customers call for assistance, they can begin to proactively offer consumers the information and attention they need.  Customers will one day be able to interact with your ad and obtain more information on your services right when they see it.

These minor looking details will actually enhance the business-consumer relationship, ensuring engaging customers due to cooperative and helpful innovations.

Detection Technology to Spot the Crowd

While your business can focus on other matters, detection technology will promptly identify your target audience in the blink of an eye. The data rendered from this technology can offer conclusive business information, such as which gender enjoys and appreciates your products or services more, what the average age of your customers are, and what kind of style or associated brands does our audience possess.

This divergent perception will prepare businesses to adapt to current trends and secure their position in the loop of fast changing consumer tendencies. Imagine walking on the street with your old phone in your hand and the AI ad switches to a cell-phone company promotion.

Companies can eventually offer a more personalized shopping experience as they become aware of their audience’s particular and exclusive demands.

Guaranteed Viewing Capacity

Property owners of billboard locations who use AI technologies will acquire legitimate statistical data to distinguish which areas have the most optimal attention grabbing position and when. This may raise the price for the designated spots that receive copious consumer absorption.

From a business perspective, industries can use this information to efficiently install their ads in a suitable place that works for them, guaranteeing proper presentation and profitable investment in their choice of ad location.

Focus on Profitable Activities

AI gets the job done for you with precise observations acquired at the lowest costs with the least amount of effort. Business will have the answers to what appeals to their customers most, which product proves to be most prominent, and if customers depict satisfaction or discontent with their promotions.

The future of AI infused advertising will mean no time, money, or ideas need to be wasted on old-school and experimental trial and error strategies. The funds allocated towards public promotions and advertisement will be directly implemented into the customers’ requests, thus increasing a business’s ROI.

How to Incorporate Facial Recognition into Your Business

KanduAI’s unique, patent-pending technology incorporates facial and object recognition with your business’s offline advertising. It can run on any Edge device while using only 4% of the resources needed by other solutions. Working on battery-operated devices, as opposed to electrically-connected products, KanduAI’s solution doesn’t require high bandwidth or constant internet connection.

KanduAI’s technology is built on privacy, security, and scalability and is capable of accommodating any enterprise requirement.

Dana Reich-Adam

I am the VP of Marketing at RedFalcon.AI, a startup that brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to all edge devices. Through facial and object recognition on everyday devices, RedFalcon’s analytical application can provide businesses with the data they need to skyrocket their marketing campaigns. For more information on how we can help your business, contact me anytime at

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