My best of DSE (Digital Signage Expo) in Vegas

Here we are, at the Digital Signage Expo, an annual event showcasing the latest innovations in Digital Signage. It just ended today in Las Vegas. As the VP Marketing of KanduAI, a startup bringing state of the art artificial intelligence to all kind of devices, I spent 3 intensive days presenting our products, meeting potential clients, and also discovering the newest futuristic companies committed to reshaping the future of advertising.

Among all the innovative startup technologies that I saw, let me introduce those who really blew my mind.

#1 Videotel: giving life to any QR code through video

For decades, Videotel has been at the top of the game of digital signage. With their new creation,  an Interactive Scan, you can provide customers with content (video, images, sound, etc.) on the product they are holding in their hand, in live time. Just take your beer, scan it on the machine, and an automatic video is  launched showing all formats of information on the product. This is real-time Inbound Marketing, where the customer chooses to know more about a product and is instantly handed all of the information he needs, at his fingertips.

#2 : Frida’s 3D Fan Display

This is an innovation that customers in hot climates will absolutely love. The reality of climate change is  scary, but look at how this company has utilized it as a business opportunity: its technology allows fans in motion to display video… Imagine the advertisers that will be able to utilize this incredible development during Festivals, or even to display information during conferences and private events, while keeping customers happy and cool.

#3: YipLed, turning window panes into media displays

This Chinese company has brought a new generation of transparent LED display screens to the market. Imagine a large window made of glass, animated with video, thanks to transparent LED technology. Stores can decide if they want to display promotions, videos, information, or have the screens remain transparent. This allows glass dividers and all types of windows to no longer be “dead space” in advertising, but to be easily transformed into beautiful, bright marketing opportunities. Lewis Carroll himself would have been in awe.   

#4: KanduAI: Smile, you are (being recognized) on camera

Amidst all of the craziest innovations at this huge Expo gathering from promising startups from all over the world, I had the pleasure of sharing how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to bring analytics to Digital Signage. KanduAIs technology can bring real-time analytics to any device, by analyzing data from the application connected to a camera, and then immediately assessing and implementing marketing actions specific to what it “sees.” Imagine people walking by in a mall. The camera analyzes real-time information as the people walk by, and the technology “knows” what  marketing actions to take instantaneously. For example, a single woman, aged 25, would see a different advertisement displayed on the screen from a mother of three walking with a stroller.The videos recorded by the camera can also be used to analyze customers’ behaviour, and product preferences, without compromising their privacy.

A world of Marketing insight and opportunities is open now to retailers and advertisers from live video footage taken in public. To know more about KanduAI and our incredible technology, please be in touch with us!

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Dana Reich-Adam

I am the VP of Marketing at RedFalcon.AI, a startup that brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to all edge devices. Through facial and object recognition on everyday devices, RedFalcon’s analytical application can provide businesses with the data they need to skyrocket their marketing campaigns. For more information on how we can help your business, contact me anytime at

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