Omnichannel Shopping Experience: How Facial Recognition Will Change the Deal

OmniChannel is the automatic login of a customer through applications in their smart devices. This virtual avenue used by thousands is being augmented with the inclusion of facial and object recognition. Retail employees will use the physical identifications to determine what customers have previously purchased in their accounts. 

A worthwhile shopping experience will be created by blending services and features from numerous channels to enhance the retail involvement between consumers and corporations. AI object and facial recognition in stores allow for a larger volume of data to be analyzed based on everything found ‘online.’

Retail space will be entirely transformed by connecting all of the stores assets across the internet, throughout the organization, and most importantly to the customer. Retailers offer access of smart-linked products to the customers during their shopping participation, allowing for maximum level of personalization.

Predictive OmniChannel Analytics Creates Personalized Services

Consumers will finally experience the new era of shopping first hand by obtaining the best of both worlds. Omni Channel in retail will reveal beneficial suggestions that could lead to potential orders plus the true tangible feeling of the real store around you.

Retailers will gain full comprehension of their customer’s journey around the store and on their sites. Through various algorithms, AI will process the information, sort the data through and prioritize discovered insights. This knowledge will improve the overall store and e-commerce function by minimizing the gap between in person purchases and online shopping ventures.

Facial and object recognition will accurately track what products customers are picking up, putting down, and monitor their order history. Evidently, retailers will acquire optimal data for recommendations, portray sales they would have interest in and offer coupons for products they are attracted to.

This facial and object recognizing system is based on machine learning founded on each specific customer’s preference, look and account history. An unique custom ad will appear before the shopper based on what they wear, demographics and other bodily points.

Smart shelves installed with digital displays will identify every passersby and present relevant guiding tips in relation to the product they decide to select. Retailers will become more aware of popular complements and structure stores in favorable arrangements.

Employees in retail will be equipped with informational smart pads filled with exclusive facts about that particular store. The intuitive smart pad will utilize facial and object recognition to distinguish customer profiles and interests ultimately endowing maximum guidance to the employee to find what suits the shopper best.

Smart pads held by retail workers will have easy payment systems promptly installed, making checkout services convenient and without delay. Without needing to take out their wallets, OmniChannel and facial recognition will connect the digital pads to personal info and charge the customer’s account directly.

Catching Up to eCommerce Using OmniChannel Pathway

The OmniChannel retail experience is propelled by smart technology in brick and mortar stores allowing retailers to learn just as much about their shoppers as e-commerce has. When browsing online stores, sites are usually filled with various sizes or colors but in person, store availability may not always be the option.

Using this AI system, customers can avoid spending time traveling to the store only to realize that their preference isn’t in stock. AI will ensure that your selected item is applicable at the store near you, so you can shop knowing options are at hand.

Smart displays and kiosks throughout the store will entice customers to place an order from the store on any products you might’ve missed ensuring each shopper is exposed to every suggested product for purchase. Stores benefit from the sale while satisfying consumers and building store loyalty.

Retail stores seem to have endless amounts of varieties and choices which can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate. Smart stores that use OmniChannel will attain a downloadable application to guide consumers to whichever product they enter as an interest, such as a dress you’re looking for a first date.

Object and Facial recognition will allow for real time data on the products that hold significance to consumers. Just like website advertisements, stores will exhibit compatible products based on the information extracted from OmniChannel.

Dana Reich-Adam

I am the VP of Marketing at RedFalcon.AI, a startup that brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to all edge devices. Through facial and object recognition on everyday devices, RedFalcon’s analytical application can provide businesses with the data they need to skyrocket their marketing campaigns. For more information on how we can help your business, contact me anytime at

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